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Other Testimonials

Here they are all in one place. These comments are spread out all over the web-site next to the projects that my client's are speaking about.

"I can not be more impressed and happy with the truss rod cover you created for me. You absolutely captured the spirit of our dog Rogue, and every detail of the design is perfect. The chosen woods and shell look amazing, and the amount of detail in such a small piece of art is indescribable. I have not hesitated to send pictures to all of my musician friends to show them what a gift you can create for them."

"I love it! Looks amazing on my les Paul! I will definitely get another one made in the future for my other dog! Thank you so much."

"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sun shines so god damn much i had to put sunglasses on! definitely coming back for some more inlay work in the future!"

"It looks amazing. Hell, it looks better than my tattoo. The blue in the headress looks incredible. The graining is spectacular. The use of light on the face is artistic genius. Very thoughtful. I can tell you were selective in your choice of shell pieces."

"The Bertha inlay came out amazing - that's all I can say. Not only did it exceed my expectations but to me, this goes beyond routine inlay to a higher artform. The selections of shell materials were very clever & artistic. The inlay is tight & seamless. A true ode to the original design. The inlay actually has emotion to it, like a fine oil painting. I'm sure my customer will be blown away with this piece of artwork incorporated into the total package artform of their custom guitar."

"HOLY SHIT DUDE! That's awesome."

"It looks spectacular. Once again, I really appreciate you doing this, you provide a very unique and exciting service! Your work is phenomenal, and this T-Rod cover is no exception."

"That looks GREAT! You did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to wait to refinish the headstock and put the guitar back together. I got back from Miami yesterday so go ahead and ship tomorrow. Thanks again (Great job) "

"Cliff, that's incredible. I'm totally at a loss for words... I would ordinarily say things like "unreal" and "unbelievable" in this circumstance, but in fact it looks totally REAL and BELIEVABLE! The etching and paint look great too. I'm also impressed how quickly you made the piece -- I guess that's another advantage of the CAD/CAM system."

"Cliff at Shark Inlay does a fantastic job, and is really great to work with. Though his web site states that 95% of customers are happy with the initial mockup artwork he sends them, I was among the 5% who had a fairly exact vision in my head and needed revisions. It took us 53 emails and one phone call to get to the design finalized, and Cliff remained patient and helpfull throughout the whole process. The results blew away my highest hopes. The pieces were also much more affordable than I would have guessed- I gave him a run-down on what I was looking for, and a budget, and he came back with a proposal for larger, more detailed pieces for a price that was around $150 less than my limit. Also, he produced the actual guards and covers to spec. from the originals. If you're thinking about going the inlay route, I can't recommend Shark Inlay highly enough."

"Wow!!!! They look Amazing. Can't wait to see them on the guitar. Dude, you do GREAT work!!!"

"Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! I LOVE it. LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!"

"OMG!!! I am in tears right now! It looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it!!! I would love for you to sign the back! It is such an amazing piece of artwork!!! Thank you SOOOOOO very much! I absolutely adore it!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better!!! (still in happy tears)!! Thank you again for your dedication and hardwork that you put into this piece. I cant wait to see his [boyfiend's] reaction!!!!"

"WOW!!!! So cool.... This is exactly what I had hoped for - it is perfect! I'm blown away by the detail... I can imagine it shimmering. The cattails and water are great. I am really torn..... I want to see this in person!!! But.... you should probably ship it to Troy so he can set it in he body of the guitar. I can't express how happy I am with this..... I didn't think I could get this level of detail and depth, and luminosity, and..... Cliff, thanks for getting this done so quickly, and doing such a beautiful job - a real piece of art. This is going to be the coolest guitar in the world.... at least in my eyes!"

"It arrived yesterday and your right, as good as the photos where they did not do it justice. It looks fantastic on the guitar. I am happy I stumbled on your work, the quality and attention to detail is awsome."

"Everyone here is so happy with your work. Kylee performed four songs on the pregraduation parent appreciation night the day after your art arrived and was installed on her graduation gift, a 12 string black legend. the next day she performed an original on the guitar and one on the piano. she rocked! the audience kept coming up commenting on your artwork and the songs which was a highlight. So many guests commented on how vibrant and nice that was. Thank you."

"I recieved the TRC today. It is beautiful, a work of art, I am blown away! It looks three-dimensional. A job well done. Thanks"

"It just arrived a few minutes ago. Oh, My God!. You are correct sir, the pictures cannot possibly capture how good this is. I hope you are still real proud of this because you should be! The MOP just sparkles and the glasses turned out terrific. The hair is perfect. The pictures just don’t capture how good it is. I really enjoyed working with you on this and hope I can steer some more work your way. I am planning on having Shawn build another guitar in a few years so don’t retire! Thanks for everything!"

"I can't say enough about the quality of work you do. I will not buy inlay work from anyone else. have a wonderful day"

"I got mine yesterday! As hard as it is to believe it looks even BETTER in person! I honestly don't know how you get something this small to look THAT detailed. Amazing! Thank you again!"

"Cliff Suttle in Michigan, arguably the best inlay artist in America who has developed a computer-aided CNC technique that ensures consistent magic."

" It looks AMAZING! You took my scribble of a drawing and turned it into a work of art!! It really puts a personal touch on my PRS and I couldn't be happier. Thanks a bunch. You can bet I'll be coming back to you for future inlay projects. Bravo!"

"This has to be one of the most colorful pieces that you have produced to date. I'm amazed at this piece."

"Got it - its great, I couldn't have wanted a more beautiful work of art. You are very talented. My only problem now is getting it straight in my head what I want you to inlay next."

"You are amazing. I can't believe it. It was exactly what I was trying to describe when we first started talking. I can't thank you enough. Trust me, I will be a repeat customer."

"It is a pleasure working with someone who has the artistic ability to see what something is going to look like before it is done. Cliff is a true artist and craftsman and gentleman. I pretty much left it up to him to design a inlay that is quite different than the norm. Boy, did he do that. I would have never thought of a "ROC" as a inlay pattern for a Banjo, but I am very impressed. Not only with the quality of the work, but his artistic talent. This inlay comes off of the neck right at you. Anyone needing inlay work can rest assure this man does a great job? He will be doing some more for me soon. Good job Cliff…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Your work gets a TON of comments."

"The piece is ROCKIN!!!!!! You do impecable work! Kudos to you! Couldn't be happier."

"DUDE!!! WOW!!! I don't even know what to say. It's freakin' amazing! It turned out awesome!"

"All I can say is.... frickin' unbelievable! Another excellent job, I can't wait to get it! It's going to be killer looking on the guitar! I can't appreciate your artistry more, its truly magnificent."

"Damn!!! Awesome doesn't describe it!!! Damn good job!!! "

"The postman just delivered the beautiful pick guard this afternoon. I installed it and it fit beautifully. Your inlay work is of utmost precision and a thing of beauty. Great work Cliff."

"I received the TRC it is awesome just an assume piece of art work. You do some truly great work."

"This TRC is Fantastic. It adds a whole new dimension to my guitar. I love it."

"That's got some scary 3-D effects. That will look real good on my PRS. Your stuff just blows the competition out of the water."

"I just got the Orca on koa truss rod cover for my Taylor guitar. Wow! I am very pleased. This adds so much to my guitar. My Taylor has always sounded great and this custom inlay really makes it stand out. I think it may actually look as good as it sounds now! I could not be happier. Beautiful!! Thanks!!"

"The owl's actual colors are many times more lifelike than the picture shows on the website. Its features blend perfectly with the Cindy on the 915, and yet the owl is three-dimensional--really flying. I'm in my sixties, and I can't stop staring at the little bugger. I don't suppose it's going to make my fingers go any faster, but I'm extremely proud of this tiny piece of art. I've got some other guitars that I'm suddenly ambitious to adorn with your work. Thank you again for making it soar."

"This Is some of the best and most artful Inlay work I have ever seen, and considering the scale of it, I would have to say the workmanship of is a caliber that is unequaled compared to anything I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot."

"The cover is absolutely unreal!! I just got the cover in the mail today, and it is absolutely spectacular! The detail is unreal, and it is going to look great on my jet white guitar."

"You put out a great product. And I'm very pleased to hear that you're keeping super busy. Then again, with your talent, that's not at all surprising, so keep up the good work."

"Just wanted to update you. I just bought the Phoenix Limited edition #6 from a fellow on Birds and Moons!!! Oh my!!! It is gorgeous (and makes my own TRC's pale in comparison!!)."

"Inlay arrived Friday and yes, it is all that and a bag of chips! Looks awesome on my guitar."

"I don't know what to say. These covers are great. I don't know which is the favorite of the two. (he bought two covers are the same time) My PRS is NOW a one of a kind."

"Your purple heart Stick arrived and its magnificence, with larger and more colorful inlays than we expected." Quote from Emmitt Chapman himself.

"Fabulous! Perfect in every way!"

"Absolutely beautiful inlays (More than Pics can sho!)"

"Words cannot discribe how happy I am! WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thanks Cliff"

"Cliff, I got my gargoyle TRC today and it absolutly rules! Thank you."

"f***'n unreal craftmanship, u really take pride in what you do i'm very happy."

"Just wanted to let you know that my TRC arrived this morning - a real beauty just as I expected, well, maybe even more than I expected. Really great work!"

"That Korean Awabi is a neat material and looks great on the dragon. The colors are amazing as is the 3-D effect you get. It may be one of the best looking dragons to date."

"The covers arrived today. This was my first gargole. It's incredible! The picture did not do it justice."

"Cliff did an excellent job, the contrast of the Paua and MOP jumps out at you, and the ebony black background really sets the inlay off."

I received the Gargoyle No 2 today and I was more than astonnished about your most excellent craftmanship. This is really art. Fixing it to my PRS CU 24 10 top I found that it really is the crown to the beauty of such a guitar. Please find attached a few pics of the guitar as good as it was possible.

The cover arrived today. Absolutely stunning! Your craftsmanship is awesome! Simply AWESOME!!!!

"It looks amazing, even better than in any of the pics. The best part of it is that the colour of the gargoyle's body is a perfect match to my guitar's body, so all this does is make my guitar look even better. Wonderfull. I'd definetly look into buying another one in the future. Great job."

"The color is great the picture made it look more green than it is. I have to polish my PRSi so they can make a good first impression. I am drooling to much to try to install this right away. I am sure to witness UGF (Ultimate Guitar fighting) when my PRSi see this. I'm sure the losers will gently weep for days. I hate to hear a guitar beg ; it is so unprofessional. Thanks so much for the TRC and the trust."

I just wanted to let you know about the #3 truss rod cover i bought from you on ebay. The workmanship is awesome ! I had purchased an eagle truss rod cover from another maker on ebay but compared to your eagle art piece , that thing looked like a 4 year old made it! I am sold on your inlay work and am looking forward to purchasing more items from you...thanks

"Excellent!!!!!!! Makes the PRS even better than it is Excellent!!!!!!"

“This truss rod cover is really a fine piece of art. The detail and craftsmanship are great. It is a beautiful and extravagant piece of jewelry for my favorite, and well deserving, guitar. Thanks Cliff and Shark Inlay.”

"I would like to take this opportunity to heap praise on you for the quality of workmanship I found in your product, and I've included a few pix of my favorite prs and it's crown jewel. I can't describe adequately in words the proud feeling I get when I see the guitar and know it's unique. "

"Totally awesome. Picked it up this morning at the post office. I will be leaving you great feedback when I get home this evening. Your craftmanship and artistry is unsurpassed by no one."

"I got your dragon TRC for Christmas from my Dad, wow what a gift. The dragon just jumps out at you and glistens in the slightest light. The eyes seem to follow you in the dark. It's sweet and looks fantastic on my PRS. I'm impressed. "

"It looks amazing, exceeded my expectations!"

"Just wanted to thank you for the excellent work. You have given the guitar a classy look that matches the quality of the instrument. You will be highly recommended to my friends."

"It looks superb!!! So classy. I had no idea from your design or your description how great it would turn out. Great, great job - I'm thrilled. "

"Did anyone ever tell you that you do good work? They just came in and look marvelous my friend!"

"Just got the cover in the mail and it looks absolutely amazing. The way the blue paua shimmers is just fantastic. It looks great on my guitar. Thanks again! "

You are a master artist, the trc is a masterpiece and I couldn't be happier. You have a client for life here. You had to pick my jaw up off of the ground.

"F**kin hell!!! 'scuse my language, but that's absolutely amazing... you are a Jedi Knight of the inlaying order!"

"This is FLIPPING FANTABULOUS!!! WAY WAY WAY Better than I expected! You are the Inlay Stud! Best regards, from your newest lifelong customer!"

"I just want to thank you for the awesome job you did and the great service you provided, it was a fun project! The workmanship is first rate and I really love that cool spotlight effect on SRV, nice!!! You recreated the design perfectly and really nailed what I was looking for. You're are the inlay man indeed!"

"You've definitely outdone yourself. I like the TRC you did for my PRS. But this is just outstanding!"

"Killer, dude... that's gonna look awesome on my Hollowbody! "

"you have done a great job: it looks absolutely fantastic!!"

"WOW!!!! Unbelieveable. It looks absolutely stunning!Your craftmanship is unmatched. Thank you, I'm sure we'll deal again."

"Man Cliff, you wouldn't believe the compliments I get on the cover. It really makes that guitar stand out too. I am playing with a band again and the guys loved it. "

"WOW, what a piece, as you may have guessed it arrived this morning, was nervous opening it up as i didn't want to be dissapoined!!!...NO CHANCE, it's better than i hoped, beautiful."