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Custom Inlay Truss Rod Covers

And More Truss Rod Covers

"The Patriot" is designed for a Taylor guitar and is made of a whopping 19 pieces of shell, stone, and mamoth ivory on rosewood. This cover is owned by Gary Ingram of Charleston WV. Gary Recently emailed me and had this to say about his new cover, "I wanted to let you know how great "The Patriot #1" looks on my Taylor 710CE. Your outstanding workmanship and materials really make this guitar look as unique as it sounds. I have played guitar professionally since the age of 10 and think your inlay work is the best I have seen. I teach science and have the GEE DUB GUITAR CLUB at George Washington High in Charleston WV. Hoping for more of your work for my other Taylors and other guitars. " Taylor Patriot Truss Rod Cover
Stylized initials cover done in Red Abalone, Paua, white and gold mother of pearl on ebony.
Gibson Budha Truss Rod Cover Buddha Temple Guardian. Said to be the guardian of music. Based on a life size wood figure from a Buddest Temple. Created for Mike Bieniek from Chicago.
Another over sized Taylor cover. This one is six Christian fish representing the family of it's owner Jim Hawk of Rowlett, TX. Taylor Jesus Truss Rod Cover
Tribal Sun t-cover in GMOP and Paua on Ebony. The original one was made for Don Finch or Greensville FL, who had these comments, "Damn!!! Awesome doesn't describe it!!! Damn good job!!! " PRS Paul Reed Smith Sun Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover Normally I wouldn't add something this simple to my first page, but this one just had too special a story. Steve Lusk wanted a special cover as a tribute to his son who died after being born prematurely. He dreamed up this design and it was a honor to made it for him."Thanks again for the unbelievable cover. It is exactly what I had in mind and looks great on my guitar. It is a beautiful and simple reminder of my son, and all the guitar lessons I planned on giving him from this guitar." It was after this quote from Steve that I knew his cover had to become a part of my web-site. My thoughts are with you and your family Steve.
This special t-cover was made for Joe Pytel. Hense, the "JP". This is a favorite of mine and currently is on a PRS Artist. The t-cover hosts 11 pieces of MOP, Gold MOP and Paua on ebony. Here is a quote from Joe: "Man Cliff, you wouldn't believe the compliments I get on the cover. It really makes that guitar stand out too. I am playing with a band again and the guys loved it. "
PRS Paul Reed Smith Owl Truss Rod Cover
These two cover where made for Allan De Arman of California. They are for PRS "Custom" guitars. PRS Paul Reed Smith Dragon Truss Rod Covers
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover This was made for Matt "Zubes" Zubiel, from MA. This is made of Paua and Mother of Pearl on Ebony. Matt had this to say about the cover, "Just got the cover in the mail and it looks absolutely amazing. The way the blue paua shimmers is just fantastic. It looks great on my guitar. Thanks again! "
"Dragon In The Mist" This is the first of a series of "Limited Addition" t-covers. Over the next year, 20 of these will be made and auctioned off on eBay. That's it 20, no more. When they are gone, they're gone. If you would like to get on a noticification list about when the auctions start and other limited addition creations, email me. Adam Gardner shared his thoughts about this cover, "I got your dragon TRC for Christmas from my Dad, wow what a gift. The dragon just jumps out at you and glistens in the slightest light. The eyes seem to follow you in the dark. It's sweet and looks fantastic on my PRS. I'm impressed, " PRS Paul Reed Smith Dragon Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Stevie Ray VaughTruss Rod Cover Completing our Rock Star motif as of late, how could we leave out Stevie! I'd like to take credit for this design, but I can't. This drawing of SRV in the spotlight was supplied by the new owner of this beauty, John Metzger of Loudonville, NY. However, I can still take credit for making it a reality. The background is pink heart shell and sort of looks like the crowd in the audience, don't you think? This is what John had to say, "I just want to thank you for the awesome job you did and the great service you provided, it was a fun project! The workmanship is first rate and I really love that cool spotlight effect on SRV, nice!!! You recreated the design perfectly and really nailed what I was looking for. You're are the inlay man indeed!"
This was the first t-cover I've made from malichte. It was designed for Dennis Rodgers of Columbia MD. "Aldwyn" is his nickname. Isn't this baby stunning. This is a great looking cover, or in Denny's words,"Killer, dude... that's gonna look awesome on my Hollowbody! "
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover
Custom Stone Truss Rod Cover Who says guitar tcovers have to be shaped like a tcover. This Flame cover is for the Vine of Death guitar currently under construction by Ken Loper Guitar. This tcover of a skeleton hand holding a silver rose was custom designed from the ground up. The cover is made of Bloody Jasper stone and is inlaid with Mother of Pearl, Paua, Brass, and Silver.
This is a medallion that was made for Mike Dimartinis of New Jersey. This is not actually a t-cover. It is designed for guitar that don't have a t-cover. It can be easily installed on any headstock by drilling two small pilot holes and screwing it down. This medallion is white MOP on Striped Ebony. This picture does not show how beautiful this wood is. Fender Inlay
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover "Birds and Vines" This is a very interesting cover because all the Paua except for the bird in the center was cut from a single piece of Paua. This one belongs to Wendell Crusenberry Jr.
Now, this is the cat pajamas. This cover was custom made for Bill Hendricks of Carrollton Texas. It is made with Gold Mother of Pearl, Ebony, and Rosewood. This one is just Purrrrrrrrr-fect. Ok, that's bad, sorry. PRS Paul Reed Smith Cat Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover Owl on the attach. Paua, Red Abalone, Gold Mother of Pearl and Black Mother of Pearl on Ebony. This piece of commissioned by Steven Aksamit of Novlesville IN
PRS Paul Reed Smith Ying Yang Truss Rod Cover This is a Yin & Yang Chinese symbol made of Paua, white MOP, and copper on ebony. Simple yet classic. This was made for Anthony Lucchese of New York and is going on a PRS guitar.
This is the signature cover for the Unicorn guitar show in the unicorn section. This is a rather simple piece, but is interesting in the fact that the entire t-cover has been shaped to look like a horn. Unicorn Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover This is a company logo for SGA Amplifiers. It is make of Mother of Pearl and Paua on rosewood. This one belongs to Wendell Crusenberry Jr.
This cover was designed for Stephen Kroah of Chicago, IL. This is a cool Black on Black cover made of Oxny stone on Ebony wood. The outline is done in real Silver. It is going on a Gibson Gothic SG. Talk about your prefect fits, this cover is going to look great on that guitar. Gibson Crow Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Bat Truss Rod Cover "Bat at Midnight", for a PRS guitar. This baby is going out to John Samuels in Allentown Pennsylvania. It's made of white and black MOP, silver, and obsidian. John has this say about his new prize,"It looks superb!!! So classy. I had no idea from your design or your description how great it would turn out (the keychain too!). Great, great job - I'm thrilled. "
This is the signiture "Shield" t-cover for the new Ken Loper "Shield" guitar. It shows a Mother of Pearl "L" on a Paua shell shield with a brass sword. Custom Loper Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Jesus Truss Rod Cover This is a brass cross with Paua vine and Mother of Pearl flowers. This was custom order by, Mike Glieden based on a sketch in the unused art section. Mike had this comment to share, "The Tcover arrived today and you were right, the picture does not do it justice!!! It's beautiful! You do nice work my friend! Thank you very much."
Jimi revisited. This one belongs to Wendell Crusenberry Jr. Cool new look, same cool guitar player. PRS Paul Reed Smith Jimi Hendrix Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover This is a simple design, only three pieces, but I had a number of requests for it. This is a Hawaiian Kokopeli dancing number the silver moon. This one was made for Matthew Price for Ohio.

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