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Custom Inlay Truss Rod Covers

Custom Inlaid Truss Rod Covers, Guitar Inlay

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Owner's Headstocks
Limited Edition Covers
Plain Wood/Stone Covers
Here is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to really dress up your guitar. A custom Truss Rod Cover can add that personal touch that will make your instrument stand out from the crowd. Below are some examples of other custom t-covers I've done.
YES!!! We do custom covers. Below is a photo (left) I was sent by Lauren Melton of Greensboro, NC who wanted to purchase a special gift for her boyfriend, Nathan Griffin. He loves his PRS guitar and his loyal dalmation, so she wanted to combine those into the perfect gift. Using a combination of MOP, Red Abalone and a bit of black paint, I created this. Here is what Lauren had to say, "OMG!!! I am in tears right now! It looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it!!! I would love for you to sign the back! It is such an amazing piece of artwork!!! Thank you SOOOOOO very much! I absolutely adore it!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better!!! (still in happy tears)!! Thank you again for your dedication and hardwork that you put into this piece. I cant wait to see his [boyfiend's] reaction!!!!" Lauren sure does love exclamation points!!!
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod CoverCustom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
I really like this one. The Pharaoh cover is made of White and Gold Mother of Pearl, Paua, Lapis, Bloody Jasper, and a red acrylic for the eye. This is made of 24 pieces and is one of my trickier covers to make. It was commission by Kentry Kinard of Waldorf, MD and is based on one of his tatoos. This will certainly look great on his headstock. Kentry commneted, "It looks amazing. Hell, it looks better than my tattoo. The blue in the headress looks incredible. The graining is spectacular. The use of light on the face is artistic genius. Very thoughtful. I can tell you were selective in your choice of shell pieces. " Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
Paul Reed Smith, PRS, Viking, Custom Inlay Truss Rod Cover,Guitar Inlay,Custom Inlay I think this is my record for the most number of pieces in a truss rod cover - 23! That's a crazy number of pieces in something so small. The eyes are about 1/16" in length. But that why it is sooooo cool. This piece takes a while to build, but is worth it. It's made with Brushed Nickel Steel for the helmet, White and Black Mother of Pearl for the horns, 50 thousand year old Fossilized Mamoth Ivory for the face, Yellow Cedar for the hair and beard, and Sparkle Paua for the eyes.
What makes a custom tcover GREAT! Well, take a look at this tiger head cover. You don't see covers like this often. 22 pieces of White Mother of Pearl, Paua, and Bloody Jasper on Ebony. There is no etching, paint, fillers, or coloring used on this cover (like most of my covers). Everything you see is shell, stone, and wood. The lucky owner of this work of art is Michael Onofrietti from Honolulu, Hawaii. Micheal wrote me this, "The cover is absolutely unreal!! I just got the cover in the mail today, and it is absolutely spectacular! The detail is unreal, and it is going to look great on my jet white guitar." PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover,Guitar Inaly,Custom Inlay
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover,Guitar Inaly,Custom Inlay For you Holloween fans this one is perfect. This is an extreme oversized cover. The cover is desiged for a PRS headstock and the raven and the moon are above the middle set for tuning peg. Yeah, big. This piece was commissioned by James Burken of Aurora, IL.

The Skulls are Mother of Pearl with a Marble cross and Black Mother of Pearl Raven. The screw hole for the cover is right in the middle of the cross so the screw will become part of the design. The skulls are heavily edged for detail and the white on the top of the clouds is painted. I don't use a lot of paint, but sometimes is necessary to get the desired effect.
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod CoverCustom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover I love this cover! When I first drew it up, I knew it was going to be special, but it truned out even better than I hoped. This piece was commissioned by Chris Von Wahlde of Reading, Ohio who picked out many of the materials used on the cover. This little fishy is made up of White and Gold Mother of Pearl, Dinosaur Red Bone, and Arizonia Jade on Lace Wood. I absolute love it!

The lower picture is a variation on the theme. The interesting thing about this one is the backing is made from three different parts, Blue Jean Lapis, Banded Malichite, and Deep Blue Lapis. Gives is a watery effect.
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover The record has been BROKEN!!! This cover is made with 29 pieces shattering my own pervious record of 23 on the Viking cover shown below. It took me three hours just to test fit all the pieces after they were cut. This cover is made of Pink Muscle, Gold Mother of Pearl, and Maple on Ebony. You won't find Pink Muscle listed in my materials list because it's hard to get and only very small pieces are available. This was a special order material that just worked out for all the little pieces I needed. This piece of commissioned by John Rainwater, of Alexandria, VA.
It's Mario!!! Yes that is a pixelated 1 Up mushroom from the famous Mario 3. This fun little number was requested by Andrew Manz of San Diego, CA. This is made of Koa, Ebony, Jade, and Fake Ivory. It makes you want to sing the song doesn't it. Beep, beep, beep be be beep ... Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover,Mario

PRS Eagles !!!

PRS Eagle Head Truss Rod Cover Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover PRS Eagle Battle Truss Rod Cover PRS Eagle Truss Rod Cover PRS Eagle Truss Rod Cover
Ever Watchful Eagle Strike (Gibson version Available) Eagle Battle
Design Retired
Flying Eagle Hunting Eagle
And the Birds Keep Coming!!!

A Bunch of Miscellaneous Designs !!!

Pit Viper, Truss Rod Cover Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover Dog Truss Rod Cover XXX Truss Rod Cover Rose Truss Rod Cover
Pit Viper II Oooo Scary! Ruby the Dog Oh Man Roses
Pit Viper, Truss Rod Cover,Paul Reed Smith,PRS Mushroom,Truss Rod Cover Plastic Truss Rod Cover, Dog, Custom Truss Rod Cover Plastic Truss Rod Cover, Highway Sign, Custom Truss Rod Cover  
Yellow Pit Viper II Very 60's Two-Tone Plastic (Lasered) Two-Tone Plastic (Lasered)  
Frank the Dog. Order by Philip Maddaloni of Pottstown, P.A. The shape of this one is unusual because the headstock of his guitar is didn't leave much room for anything else. So the cover goes down from the screws. Made of White/Gold/Black Mother of Pearl on ebony.
PRS,Paul Reed Smith,Truss Rod Cover,Tcover,Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Custom Inlay PRS,Paul Reed Smith,Truss Rod Cover,Tcover,Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Custom Inlay
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
More dog t-cover. This is Troy the beloved pooch of John Rainwater, of Alexandria, VA
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
A poster made up by the owner.

Now it's raining cats and dogs t-covers. This beautiful cover is made mainly of Black and White Mother of Pearl with just a touch of Gold.
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover,Guitar Inaly,Custom Inlay
This is a tribute piece for Brendan McFarlan dog form Arizonia. It's made of Koa Wood, Mother of Pearl and Obsidian on Ebony. Brendan had these comments after he received the cover:
"I can not be more impressed and happy with the truss rod cover you created for me. You absolutely captured the spirit of our dog Rogue, and every detail of the design is perfect. The chosen woods and shell look amazing, and the amount of detail in such a small piece of art is indescribable. I have not hesitated to send pictures to all of my musician friends to show them what a gift you can create for them."
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
And even more pets. I'm starting to get known for these. This is Gibson, Gio Tenorio of San Francisco daughter's beloved pet. I was amused that I was making a Gibson to do on a Taylor guitar. :-)
Gibson,Les Paul,Truss Rod Cover,Inlay,Custom Inlay,Shark Inlay,SharkInlay
This is bud, a golden lab owned by Jim Gilboyne from Philly. Now Bud has been emortalized for his Gibson Les Paul.
This is Honey a bull dog that belongs to Kent Fite of Temple Texas. He commissioned by to make of cover of his beloved pooch. Kent had this to say after receiving the cover, "I love it! Looks amazing on my les Paul! I will definitely get another one made in the future for my other dog! Thank you so much. "
Custom Inlaid Taylor Owl Truss Rod Cover Yes, believe it or not, this is a truss rod cover. I think we have to give these sorts of things a different name. If you look carefully for the two screw holes, you will see how it attaches to the headstock. However, unlike a normal t-cover, this one is going to take over a good chunk of the headstock. This is designed to fit on a Taylor head stock. I'll post pictures of it on the guitar once I have them. I'm really looking forward to seeing that myself. This was order by Michael Reed of Plainfield, IL the same owl fan that had me create the Owl Family cover shown below. He always likes to give me a challenge and I'm glad he does, because just look at it!!!
A Great White Shark on a Gibson Bell Cover made for Stephen Long of Dallas Texas. This was made with only two materials, White MOP and Paua. Custom Gibson Guitar Truss Rod Cover Shark Great White Inlay
Left-handed Taylor version.Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover Commissioned by Scott White of Bloomington, IL this cover was designed to add as classy touch to a Taylor guitar. Note that the top screw hole is in the middle of the design. This allows it to look like a headstock inlay without modifying the guitar. And yes, it for a left-handed guitar. Scott commented, (he also purchased the Tayor Great White Shark shown above at the same time) "Wow!!!! They look Amazing. Can't wait to see them on the guitar. Dude, you do GREAT work!!!"
Taylor,Taylor Guitars,Truss Rod Cover,Inlay,Custom Inlay,Shark Inlay,Custom Truss Rod Cover Another oversized Taylor cover with 3 doves. This piece was commitioned by Sam Lee of Mukilteo, WA. This made of White and Gold Mother of Pearl, Red Abalone, and Paua on Ebony. This piece takes up a good chunk of the headstock and is officially the biggest T-Cover I have ever made.
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover Only five pieces on this cover, but I love. Simple, classic, and classy.
This blue heron t-cover was commissioned by Craig Simpson of Wheaton, MD. The cute little guy is made has 12 pieces and is made up of Banded Azurite, White and Black Mother of pearl, and Orange Spiny all on ebony. A great looking piece. Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod CoverPRS,Paul Reed Smith,Truss Rod Cover,Tcover,Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Custom Inlay
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover "Ever Watchful Over America"

Based on a combination of cover designs (Ever Watchful and Eagle Mountain #20 - both pictured below), this cover is the latest in the Limited Edition series. This cover is made from Bloody Jasper, Clear Lapis, White/Gold/Black Mother of Pearl, Red Abalone, and Brass (for the flag staff). "Ever Watchful Over America" replaces the long time favorite Tiger Head (shown below) in the harolded first position on this page. Currently, this cover is only available on PRS guitars. This proto-type (#1) is the property of Craig C. of South Huntington New York. Craig had this to say about his new piece of art, "The piece is ROCKIN!!!!!! You do impecable work! Kudos to you! Couldn't be happier."
Taylor Owl Familiy Truss Rod Cover Yes, this is a truss rod cover. It's for a Taylor or Gibson guitar. The customer, Michael Reed of Plainfield, IL, wanted an entire owl family. My first reaction was, "Yeah right, a tcover is an inch tall." But then Michael ask me to be creative and so I was. The screw hole is just over the Mommy owl's head. The Daddy owl extends over the screw into the headstock. It's more of a headstock inlay that just happens to double as a truss rod cover. One of the most interesting projects I've worked on this year.
Custom Taylor Guitar Owl Family Truss Rod CoverCustom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
Skull and Rose made with White and Gold Mother of Pearl and Paua. Commissioned by Chris Bell of LA.Custom PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover Inlay This flame version of the cover is done completely on Bloody Jasper and was commissioned by Stacey Heiser or Portland, OR.
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
Gretsch Guitar, Custom Inlay Truss Rod Cover, Gold Fish Truss Rod Cover This whimsical little gold fish is from a Gretsch guitar. This was commission by John Dunne and was paid from with a Shark Inlay Gift Certificate that his son gave him for Christmas. How cool is that, the prefect made to order Christmas Gift. John had this to say about his new prize, "I recieved the TRC today. It is beautiful, a work of art, I am blown away! It looks three-dimensional. A job well done. Thanks."
Custom Gibson Guitar Truss Rod Cover Inlay Darth Vader Evil man in shiney black helmet. This cover was designed for a Gibson Les Paul and will eventually end up on Tom Fletcher's guitar from the UK Rock Band, McFly.
This one is just too cool. The king of beasts. Commissioned by Reagan Lee of New South Wales, Australia. It is going on an R-Taylor. Made of White, Black, and Gold Mother of Pearl and etched. Check it out on the headstock by clicking the picture below.
Taylor Lion Truss Rod Cover
Custom Taylor Guitar Lion Truss Rod Cover
The Scorpion. This exciting insect was commisions by Justin Smallwood, of Middleburg Florida. This bug is on the hunt and made of Paua, Red Abalone, and Silver Fantail on Ebony. Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Bomb Truss Rod Cover Bomb Guy made of White, Gold, and Black Mother of Pearl and Red Abalone one Flame Maple which was then really flamed with a torch to give it that burnt look. This cover was made for James Lee of California. James had this to say, " It looks AMAZING! You took my scribble of a drawing and turned it into a work of art!! It really puts a personal touch on my PRS and I couldn't be happier. Thanks a bunch. You can bet I'll be coming back to you for future inlay projects. Bravo!"
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover Based on a charm from Avitar the animated series, this cover is a technilogical miracle. Check out how perfect all the pieces fit. The black dots in the middle are actually ebony wood stick up from the base plate. A cover like this would be impossible if done by hand, at least to this quality. This piece was commissioned by Nicholas Orr of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nick added this comment, "It looks spectacular. Once again, I really appreciate you doing this, you provide a very unique and exciting service! Your work is phenomenal, and this T-Rod cover is no exception."
Planetscape - This was commissioned by Kris Margiotta of Manheim, PA. The mountains are made of Silver Fantail, Red Abalone, Black Mother of Pearl, Sparkle Paua, Sparkle Mother of Pearl all on Ebony. Here are Kris' comments when he saw it, "Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! I LOVE it. LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! "The cover on the right is a variation on the theme owned by Daniel Brenden from Lakeville, MN. Daniel added, "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sun shines so god damn much i had to put sunglasses on! definitely coming back for some more inlay work in the future!" Now that's a lot of exclaimation points! Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover Commissioned by Sean Keim of Stanford, IL. I know, I would have thought he lived in Denver too. :-) Sean had this to say,"I got mine yesterday! As hard as it is to believe it looks even BETTER in person! I honestly don't know how you get something this small to look THAT detailed. Amazing! Thank you again!"
The brand new "KING OF DRAGON" cover is complete with 10,000 year old Mamoth Horns. It's interesting to see what huge difference a change of materials can make.
PRS Dragon Truss Rod Cover PRS Dragon Truss Rod Cover Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
King of Sea Dragons. Dave Nalewajek had this to say about the King of Dragons, "The Dragon arrived today. WOW! Nothing more that I could say." King of Earth Dragons King of Fire Dragons. This uses a new materials called Red Fossel Bone. The owner, Bob Schulte commented, "Your work is amazing, top notch. I will be back for more. It looks awesome on my PRS. THANK YOU!!!" Design modification with flames coming up from the bottom of the cover.
Paul Reed Smith,PRS,Truss Rod Cover,Custom Inlay,Shark Inlay,SharkInlay,Dragon Inlay,Howard Leese This cover is owned my Howard Leese of Heart. The "Rage Dragon" cover is made of Paua, Red Abalone, White and Black Mother of Pearl, Silver Fantail, and a little red acrylic for the tongue on ebony.

Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover
Taylor version of the Ever Watchful with etching. Here are some comments from owners"That's got some scary 3-D effects. That will look real good on my PRS. Your stuff just blows the competition out of the water. "
"I received the TRC it is awesome just an awesome piece of art work. You do some truly great work."
"It arrived yesterday and your right, as good as the photos were, they did not do it justice. It looks fantastic on the guitar. I am happy I stumbled on your work, the quality and attention to detail is awsome. "
The Stray Cats on a Gretsch, but of course. This was custom made for Gerlof Haagsma of the Netherlands. Gerlof had this to say, "In one word............WOW! It looks amazing." gretsch Stray Cats Truss Rod Cover
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover Captain America the early years, made with Bloody Jasper, Dark Lapis and Mother of Pearl on Ebony. A very patriotic piece. This was commissioned by John Feltz of Watertown, New York.
Ovation Orca Truss Rod Cover This cover is made for an Ovation guitar and it made of all woods. These are three of the wood found around that sound hole of the Adamas model.
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover This is the Brazilian Soccer team for logo, commissioned by Bruno Lima-Campos of Oakton, VA. This is made with yellow agate, dark azirite, oriental jade, and Mother of Pearl on ebony.
Now Available as a PRS Cover too.Orca. Land, sky, and now the sea. This powerful creature and hurl it's three ton body out of the water 30 feet. Well that's impressive and so is this cover. Billy Maykrantz of Sterling Virgina stated, "I just got the Orca on koa truss rod cover for my Taylor guitar. Wow! I am very pleased. This adds so much to my guitar. My Taylor has always sounded great and this custom inlay really makes it stand out. I think it may actually look as good as it sounds now! I could not be happier. Beautiful!! Thanks!!" The first of the PRS versions of this was sold to David Nalewajek, David added, "ORCA arrived today. UNBELIEVABLE!! I now have too many favorites. If only I could afford more guitars :-)" Taylor Orca Truss Rod Cover
Snowy Owl for a Taylor Guitar. This is done in White and Gold MOP, Silver Fantail and Red Abalone on Rosewood. This cover was build for Micheal Reed of Plainsfield, IL. This cover is being released as a standard design. Mike wrote me this, "The owl's actual colors are many times more lifelike than the picture shows on the website. Its features blend perfectly with the Cindy on the 915, and yet the owl is three-dimensional--really flying. I'm in my sixties, and I can't stop staring at the little bugger. I don't suppose it's going to make my fingers go any faster, but I'm extremely proud of this tiny piece of art. I've got some other guitars that I'm suddenly ambitious to adorn with your work. Thank you again for making it soar. " Owl Taylor Truss Rod Cover
Sea Turtle for Taylor Guitars. Turtle Taylor Truss Rod Cover
Turtle Taylor Truss Rod Cover
Skull ESP Truss Rod Cover "SKULL GOD" for ESP guitar. Does this simple SCREAM shreader for what? This puppy is three inches tall and takes up a good chunk of the headstock. Custom made for Russell Sweet of Jacksonville Florida. He performs with his band Neurotic Butterfly
The Pack is on the hunt. "Wolf Pack" is a new addition to theLimited Edition Covers program.. This cover is made up of 12 pieces. Now available as a single wolf .PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover PRS Wolf Pack Truss Rod Cover
PRS Dragon Truss Rod Cover "Dragon Strike" This is the follow up to the popular Dragon Mountain covers. This dragon is on the hunt and has found his prey. Perfect for the agressive guitarist in us all. This is another in the Limited Edition Covers program. These cover are only sold by auction. To get updated on when these auction become availableemail me.
"Eagle Mountain" #20. The last one of the series. This one was made very special in order to close out a very seccessful run of t-cover. To see the rest of the eagle mountain cover click here, "Limited Edition Covers". This cover had to be double inlaid, a time consumming and difficult process. To see how this was done, click here. If you would like to get on a noticification list about when the auctions start email me. PRS American Eagle Truss Rod Cover
Paul Reed Smith Snake Viper Truss Rod Cover "Pit Viper" Lastest in the "Limited Edition Covers" series. This is a deadly snake patterned aftrer the American, Diamond Backed Rattle Snake.
Custom Inlay,Guitar Inlay,Shark Inlay,Truss Rod Cover "Starman" made for Roger Thurman of Il. This fits on aWarmoth Guitar and is quite a bit larger than the original tcover. It's made of White/Gold/Black Mother of Pearl and Paua on Ebony.
This is guitar jewerly. Thought up by Ken Brock of Visalia, CA as a graduation gift for his daughter, this piece will be a stunning addition to her guitar. A personal, one of a kind gift that will be cherished for ever. It's made of Wedded Turquoise and Pink Heart Shell on ebony. It's for an ovation 12-string. I love the sound of a 12 string. Ken added,"Everyone here is so happy with your work. Kylee performed four songs on the pregraduation parent appreciation night the day after your art arrived and was installed on her graduation gift, a 12 string black legend. the next day she performed an original on the guitar and one on the piano. she rocked! the audience kept coming up commenting on your artwork and the songs which was a highlight. So many guests commented on how vibrant and nice that was. Thank you." Ovation Guitar, Ovation, Custom Inlay Truss Rod Cover, Turquoise, Pink Heart
Warmoth Guitar Truss Rod Cover Here is a coat of arms sort of them done with ebony, red abalone, and mother of pearl on maple. It was going on a Warmoth guitar.
"THE PHOENIX" "Limited Edition Covers" series. Used extensively by the American Indians of the Southwest, the Phonix firebird rises from the ashes. It is a symbol of wealth.. Dave Nalewajek of West Seneca NY, had this to say, "Phoenix #2 arrived today. Each time that I get one of these, I keep asking myself how can you possibly do any better that the previous one. Each time you exceed my expectations. #2 is spectacular, and once again you have exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great designs!" Paul Reed Smith Phoenix Truss Rod Cover
Paul Reed Smith Gargoyle Truss Rod Cover "THE GARGOYLE" Limited Edition Covers series. This is a good luck symbol used to ward off evil sprits or your Mother-in-Law. . The owner of this cover (Rich Augustin) shared this with me, "It looks amazing, even better than in any of the pics. The best part of it is that the colour of the gargoyle's body is a perfect match to my guitar's body, so all this does is make my guitar look even better. Wonderfull. I'd definetly look into buying another one in the future. Great job. "
"Eagle Mountain" This is the second of a series of "Limited Addition" t-covers. This was the standard design in the "Eagle Mountain" covers. Although the series is now closed, these will be remembered fondly by us and treasured by their owners for a long time to come. email me. George Vlassis of California, the owner for Eagle Mountain #3, shared this with me,"I just wanted to let you know about the #3 truss rod cover i bought from you on ebay. The workmanship is awesome ! I had purchased an eagle truss rod cover from another maker on ebay but compared to your eagle art piece , that thing looked like a 4 year old made it! I am sold on your inlay work and am looking forward to purchasing more items from you...thanks" PRS Eagle Truss Rod Cover
PRS Dragon Truss Rod Cover "Dragon Mountain" This is the latest of a series of "Limited Addition" t-covers. Over the next year, 20 of these will be made and auctioned off on eBay. That's it 20, no more. When they are gone, they're gone. If you would like to get on a noticification list about when the auctions start email me.
This one is sooooo cool. I was sent a photo of this dog and this is the resulting t-cover. I like it!!! It is made of white and black Mother of Pearl and Obsidian (a stone) on ebony. This cool cover was ordered up by Steve McEvilly of Concord CA. Here is what Steve had to say about it:"You are a master artist, the trc is a masterpiece and I couldn't be happier. You have a client for life here. You had to pick my jaw up off of the ground." Betsy, "Ch. Sierra's Arctic Sunrise" has won multiple "National Specialty" shows beating out hundreds of American Staffordshire Terriers. She won an award at the age of 9 months, "best bred by" at a National Specialty in Hollywood. BetsyPRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed SmithTruss Rod Cover Emotalized Kitty. This piece was commission by John Heng of Singapore. It was to honor his beloved cat that had pass on.
More pets. This one was commissioned by John Dunne of New York. John emailed me this comment, "Got it - its great, I couldn't have wanted a more beautiful work of art. You are very talented. My only problem now is getting it straight in my head what I want you to inlay next." PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover
PRS Birds and Moons Truss Rod Cover This is the new, "Official", BAM (Birds and Moons.COM) tcover. If you purchase one of these covers, a 25% donation will be made to Birds and Moons in order to offset the costs of keeping this valuable and entertaining forum running. This cover is available in Ebony, Rosewood, and Bocote wood. To order one or more of these covers click here.Just wanted to let you know that my TRC arrived this morning - a real beauty just as I expected, well, maybe even more than I expected. Really great work!, Sandra Schulz.
This seems like a simple cover, only four pieces, but it still has a lot of detail because of all the cut lines. It's make of cocobolo and gold MOP on ebony. The cocobolo was perfect for a fall leaf, which was the goal. Material choice can make all the difference. This piece was commission by Jerad Bech of Alberta, Canada.
Gold Mother of Pearl and Paua Rose commissioned by Michael O'Neill of Sterling, VA
The true "OM" symbol. This symbol means peace and tranquility and is a favorite amoung guitar players. Some guitar companies use what they call the "OM" symbol, but my sources have imformed me this is the true symbol. This design is available in any combination of materials, but this one is Paua, Green Ripple, and Gold Mother of Pearl on Rosewood. This first one was custom order by Partho Ghosh of Port Coquitlam, Canada. Next to that is the same cover only with different materials, brass, gold MOP, and Green Fantail on Bloody Jasper. The cover on the bottom is a smaller version where the OM fits completely on the cover. PRS Om Truss Rod CoverPaul Reed Smith, OM, PRS, Inlay Truss Rod Cover
"All you need is love" . . . and a Shark Inlay t-cover. Or how about "Imagine you have a Shark Inlay t-Cover . . . it isn't hard to do . . ." Ok, I'll stop that now. Oh, oh, one more "We all live in a yellow Shark Inlay t-Cover . . ." This cover was commissioned by Aldwyn Rodgers of Columbia, MD. Three more and he can complete the set :-) PRS John Lennon Truss Rod Cover
PRS Jimi Hendrix Truss Rod Cover IT'S JIMI!!! This t-cover was designed by Big Al Gunning from Linlithgow, Scotland. This Jimi Hendrix shadow design is so cool and was a challenge to do, but isn't it beautiful. I think Al said it the best,"F**kin hell!!! 'scuse my language, but that's absolutely amazing... you are a Jedi Knight of the inlaying order!"
Elvis has left the shop. After the success of the Jimi Hendrix cover, Mike Petrich of Concord, CA contacted me about doing something similar, only Elvis. What do you think? Pretty cool huh? It was fun to watch as Elvis' face came to life out of the pearl. Another Elvis sighting and I don't even live in Kalamazoo. This cover was, in Mike's words, "This is FLIPPING FANTABULOUS!!! WAY WAY WAY Better than I expected! You are the Inlay Stud! Best regards, from your newest lifelong customer!" PRS Elvis Truss Rod Cover
Gibson Jeff Beck Truss Rod Cover More Rock Stars, Jeff Beck from the cover of he recent album cover.
How could I call my company Shark Inlay without a Shark Inlay?!? So here it is, the brand new Shark tcover based on our logo. PRS Paul Reed Smith Shark Truss Rod Cover
ESP Shark Truss Rod Cover CALL IT . . . HEAVY METAL!!! Created for a B.C.Rich owned by Anthony Lucchese of New York. this is yet another example for thinking outside the box. A tcover does not have to be shaped like half an egg. The outside of this one is black flame to highlight the Paua flames inside. Pretty bitching . . . do they still say that? I think I'm getting old. Anthony's comments:"You've definitely outdone yourself. I like the TRC you did for my PRS. But this is just outstanding!"
The inlay is made of white and gold MOP with brass leash and sits on Ebony. This t-cover, in my opinion, is one of my top ten of all time. The little hair lines are done by etching the pearl. This cover is a standard design that has been made before. However, there are many design changes to the cover that are only possible thanks to the CAM machine technology that I now employ. Note how cleanly all the pieces fit and how the delicate leash surrounds the body. It's a beautiful piece. This cover belongs to Mark Overfield from the U.K. Paul Reed Smith Wolf Truss Rod Cover
PRS Paul Reed Smith Truss Rod Cover Made for Ric Goleman for Houston TX, this cover will be going on a PRS Single Cut that was purchased on a "Aid Kateria Victims" auction. Ric wanted some that would honor the people and the city of New Orleans. This is Gold Mother of Pearl and Paua on Ebony. Ric commented, "Cliff did an excellent job, the contrast of the Paua and MOP jumps out at you, and the ebony black background really sets the inlay off."
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