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Production Parts and Supplies

Are you a builder, manufacturer or supplier of musical instruments, furnture, guns, boxes, or anything else that can be inlaid? We supply all type of products in small or large batches to help you out. Whether you need cut shell pieces, small wood parts, or full blown custom work, we can supply you with quick accurate pieces that will be the pride of your industry. Drop us a line, we are always there to help. Well, at least during business hours :-)

Production Inlay Gibson Guitar Toggle Covers

It's a flock of owls. Ok, I know, owls don't flock. This are toggle covers for a PRS Single Cut. Production is about repeatable quality. Look at the consistancy of these pieces.

Production Inlay Mother of Pearl Birds

Perfect shell pieces in quantity cut to an accurancy of 0.0001"

Production Inlay PRS Paul Reed Smith Birds and Moons Truss Rod Covers

Finished product like these truss rod covers in a variety of materials.

Princeville Guitars Inlay Cover Set

Entire sets of pieces can be supplied like this control/toggle/tcover set for Princeville Guitars.

Bishline Banjo Custom Headstock Inlay Plates

In process pieces like these head plates for Bishline bandjos.

Gibson Guitar Custom Inlay Owl Control Covers

Shiney and pretty owls about to have lunch.

More headplates for Potvin Guitars.

Great White Banjo,Banjo Head Plate,Banjo Headstock

We can also cut the headstock plate to shape as with these Great White Accoustic Guitar plates.

PRS Paul Reed Smith Custom Inlay Bird Control Covers

Same design, different materials, one order. The matching t-covers are shown below.

Custom Inlay PRS Paul Reed Smith Bird Truss Rod Covers  
Bishline Banjo Mother of Pearl Salty Dog Parts

Custom Design work is available like these parts for the "Old Salty" Bishline banjo.

GMW Guitars Truss Rod Covers

These T-Covers were made for GMW Guitars. Three pieces or three thousand, we're the company for all your inlay needs. "You put out a great product. And I'm very pleased to hear that you're keeping super busy. Then again, with your talent, that's not at all surprising, so keep up the good work." Lee Garver, President GMW Guitars.

Paua Shell Inlay Parts

Need a custom set of fret markers? We can supply that too, like these German Iron Crosses.