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Non-Inlaid Truss Rod Covers

Maybe an inlaid cover is just too much for the look you're after. Purhaps you just want to dress up your guitar for less money than an inlaid cover. A plain cover maybe just what the doctor ordered. These cover are available in a large array of materials.

PRS Paul Reed Smith Wood Truss Rod Covers Snakewood Paduk Two really nice examples of plain cover in Snakewood and Paduk.
Warwich Wood Truss Rod Cover Wood replacement covers, like this one for a Warwick Thumb Bass.
Stone replacement covers. PRS Paul Reed Smith Stone Truss Rod Covers
Tocoma Koa Wood Truss Rod Covers Three Koa covers for Tocoma Accoustics.

Metal covers are available too in Brass, Copper, Silver and Gold. Ask about pricing.