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The Phoenix Truss Rod Cover

Rising up from the ashes, the Phoenix takes flight again. Popular in the cultures of the American Indians, it is also referred to as a Firebird. Images of the Phoenix adorn totem polls and stone carving thoughout the southwest United States. The Phonix is a symbol of successful change and a bringer of wealth.

#1of 25 - White MOP, Paua, and Bloody Jasper on Rosewood.Sold Last known owner was David Nalewajek of West Seneca, NY. This is David's sixth cover putting him in a tie with Chris Dooley for the most Limited Edition covers. Way to go Dave. Dave had this to say about his new cover, "This is going to be a great series to collect! I'm looking forward to adding to the collection. "

#2of 25 - White MOP, Paua, Green Ripple and Bloody Jasper on Cocobolo.Sold Last know owner was Dave Nalewajek of West Seneca NY. He also owns Phoenix #1. Name had this to say about his 7th cover, "Phoenix #2 arrived today. Each time that I get one of these, I keep asking myself how can you possibly do any better that the previous one. Each time you exceed my expectations. #2 is spectacular, and once again you have exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great designs!"

#3of 25 - White MOP, Paua, Bloody Jasper, Malichite on Ebony.Sold Last know ower was Dan Guthrie of Sheridan Oregon. This is Dan's third cover giving him a hattrick of an Eagle Mountain, a Dragon Mountain, and now a Phoenix. Won't those three look good together.

#4 of 25 - The Fire Dancer. Korean Awabi, White and Black MOP, on Red and White Agate.Sold The last know ower was John Madill of Baltimore, MD.

#5 of 25 - Made from Paua, Agoya, Black Mother of Pearl, Gold Mother of Pearl, and Jasper on Lace Wood.Sold The cover was modified to artist size and the last know owner was J.Palme r Jr. of Rancho Mirage, CA. "f***'n unreal craftmanship, u really take pride in what you do i'm very happy."

#6 of 25 was a Buyer's Choice. The cover is made of Red Abalone, Onxy, and Fresh Water Pearl on Oriental Jade Sold Last known ower was Lance May of Colorado Springs. This is the second owner, Lance added "Just wanted to update you. I just bought the Phoenix Limited edition #6 from a fellow on Birds and Moons!!! Oh my!!! It is gorgeous (and makes my own TRC's pale in comparison!!)"

#7 of 25 - Red Abalone, Green Fantail, Fresh Water Pearl and Jasper on Bocote Wood.SOLD David Nalewajek Strikes Again!

#8 of 25 - Paua, Black/Gray Granit, Korean Awabi, and Gold Mother of Pearl on Flamed Maple.Sold Last know ower was Rich Augustin of Hamilton, ON Canada.

#9 of 25 - Flame maple, Red Abalone, Paua, and a Black Mother of Pearl head on Two Tone Cedar.Sold This cover only lasted 20 minutes in the "For Sale" section.

#10 of 25 - Gold Mother of Pearl, Green Fantail, and Brass on Ebony Sold Last known order was Michael Burgess of StreetsBoro Ohio.

#11 of 25 - Black Mother of Pearl, White Mother of Pearl, Paua, and Green Ripple, on Walnut Sold Last know owner was Simone Magarelli of Torino, Italy.

#12 of 25 - Paua, Silver Fantail, and Turquious on Rosewood.Sold Last known owner was Thomas Grant, of Quebec Canada.

#13 of 25 - Black Mother of Pearl, Fresh Water Pearl, and Paua on Web Turquois.Sold Last known order was Michael Burgess of StreetsBoro Ohio.

#14 of 25 - Black Mother of Pearl, Paua, and Silver Fantail on Ebony. Sold Last known owner was Randal Hearn of Fortworth Texas. Randal had this to say about Phonix 14, "I don't know what to say. These covers are great. I don't know which is the favorite of the two. (he bought two covers are the same time) My PRS is NOW a one of a kind."

#15 of 25 - Fresh Water Pearl, Korea Awabi, Bloody Jasper, and Turquoise, on Bocote Wood from South America. Sold

#17 of 25 Black MOP wings, Korean Awabi Body, Fresh Water Pearl Head, and Bloody Jasper, on Rosewood. Sold