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Custom Inlay Products

Other Fancy Inlay Items

There has been a lot of talk about inlaying musical instruments on this web site. However, my inlay work is not limited to musical instruments. If it is made of wood, or can be made of wood, most likely I can inlay something cool on it. Many things can be inlaid like gun stocks, wedding cake toppers, tables, chairs, key chains, pictures, picture frames, music boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.

Wedding Cake Topper,Wedding Day This is a one of a kind wedding cake topper made of Rosewood, White and Gold Mother of Pearl, and Gold Onxy. It was custom designed for Rachel and Lance for their special day. The first two letters (R & L) of the names are intertwined with the rest of the names being separate, representing that they are still you two who have joined together. The piece is 7" wide and about 6" tall. A stunning addition to a beautiful cake.
Custom Inlay Picture Frame This picture frame was done by my son Alex for his girlfriend Nicole's birthday. The two faces were modeled after them and a heart vine placed around it. The design is made of White Mother of Pearl, Paua, Fresh Water Pearl, and Bloody Jasper. What a wonderful surprise for Nicole's birthday, a one of a kind, hand made item that expresses his love.

One of the great perks about being in this business, is being able to make special presents.
This keychain fob was made for Teresa de Grosbois from Alberta Canada. My wife and her are founding members for the Evolutionary Business Council, a group of business people that are changing the way the world thinks.
Custom Inlay Artwork
"Romance in Bloom" This piece was made for a gentleman in CA. for he and his wife's 10th Wedding Anniversary. How romantic is that?

The following materials were used: White and Black Mother Of Pearl, Paua shell, Sterling Silver, Ten Thousand Year Old Mastadon Ivory, Ram's Horn, Blue River Agate, Imperial Jade, Green Ripple Shell, Azurite, White Maple, Crushed Coral, Gray/Black Granite, Malachite, Obsidian, Purple Agate, Yellow Gaspaite, Rose Wood, Ebony, Walnut, Birds Eye Maple, and Palo Escrito Wood.
The piece below is a 101 piece picture and inlaid frame using Mother of Pearl, Gold Mother of Pearl, Angora shell, Pink Heart, Green Standard, and Paua shell.
Custom Inlay Picture Frame
Shark Inlay Display This is the shark display for the Dragon and Unicorn charms shown in detail above. I can made something like this for other uses by special request.
Shark Inlay Custom Logo
This is the detail from the top of the display. The shark is made of Paua and White Mother of Pearl.
Custom Inlay Keychain This key chain was created for a Dodge Stealth owner. A special key chain for a special car. The key chain itself is made of walnut and is inlaid with Paua and Mother of Pearl. The design is nineteen pieces. The other side is inlaid with the Mitsubishi logo due to the fact that the Stealth was a joint venture between the two companies.
This is a simple horse key chain made of Mother of Pearl on Ebony with a Red Wood back. Not real fancy, but sometime less it more. Custom Inlay Keychain
Below is a special keychain for a special MOM. This inlay is on both sides. On one side is a MOP and Paua "Mom" design. On the other side are three hearts representing her three children. The hearts are made from MOP, malichite and crush coral. A special keepsake for a special lady.
Custom Inlay Keychain Custom Inlay Keychain
Custom Inlay Medallion Craved Brass. This is a medalion for a PRS Guitar Case. It was glued to the outside of the case.
"Bat at Midnight". This keychain is a part of a pair of items that went out to John Samuals, in Allentown PA. The wing bone are silver with black MOP wings and a white MOP moon. John has this to say about his new keychain,"It looks superb!!! So classy. I had no idea from your design or your description how great it would turn out. Great, great job - I'm thrilled. " Custom Inlay Keychain
Custom Inlay Cigar Box This is the lid of a walnut cigar box. The letters are Mother of pearl. This was one of two boxes that went out to Chris Smith, in MN. This is what Chris had to say,Did anyone ever tell you that you do good work? They just came in and look marvelous my friend!