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Inlay Materials

I get a lot of questions about what inlay materials are available. So, I decided to add a section showing some of the available colors. This section is still under construction, so if you don't see a color you like, chances are I still have it. Drop me a line and ask me.

Shell Inlay Material Agoya. Light pale yellow. Shimmers nicely.
Shell Inlay Material Awabi, Korean. A very expensive and beautiful material. It has a real rainbow look to it and is VERY 3D. Spectacular!
Shell Inlay Material Conk Shell. Unlike the other shell this one does not shimmer, but is a creamy/pink color when polished.
Shell Inlay Material Fresh Water Pearl. This is a nice material that has a lot of soft browns, tans, and egg shell colors in it.
Shell Inlay Material Green Fantail. This is similar to Green Paua except a lot more 3D in nature. Also the bright greens in it can be very intense.
Shell Inlay Material Green Heart. Similar to Paua only with a lot of purple and pink spots.
Shell Inlay Material Green Ripple. This shell is not green at all, but a really cool shimmery tan color. The shell is named for the outside color of the shell.
Shell Inlay Material Green Standard. Not really green at all. Very shimmery with dark brown lines here and there. Similar to Green Ripple only more bluish.
Shell Inlay Material This is 10,000 year old Mamoth Ivory. It is legal and no animals die to produce it. I do not support poachers! This isn't shell, but it doesn't fall in any other group either.
Shell Inlay Material Mother of Pearl.
Shell Inlay Material Black Mother of Pearl. Can range from black, to gray. to greenish.
Shell Inlay Material Gold Mother of Pearl. I love this stuff and use it a lot. Its expensive, so many other inlay guys use the fake stuff (corian). I use only the real stuff, and if you look at the picture you can see why.
Shell Inlay Material Blue Paua, VERY NICE! Lots of grain and color.
Shell Inlay Material Green Paua.
Shell Inlay Material Pink Heart. VERY COLORFUL!
Shell Inlay Material Pink Standard. Similar to Blue Paua only pink.
Shell Inlay Material Red Abalone. Very 3D in nature and a lot of different colors all mixed in. Very pretty.
Shell Inlay Material Silver Fantail. This is a very nice shell and a real rainbow of color that really changes with the light angle.
Shell Inlay Material Sparkle Mother of Pearl made from ground chips of mother of pearl. Sparkles in all directions.
Shell Inlay Material Sparkle Paua made from ground chips of Blue Paua. Sparkles in all directions.

There are many more colors of stone that I don't have pictured. I'll be adding more as time goes on. Stone doesn't shimmer like shell, but is great for adding color and flare to an inlay.

Arizonia Jade. I also like to call this Swamp Stone, because it reminds me of swampy water.
Stone Inlay Material Azurite, banded. Beautiful dark blue with bright green lines.
Stone Inlay Material Azurite, web. Can often be on the purplish side.
Stone Inlay Material Bloody Jasper. The photo says it all. What you see is what you get.
Stone Inlay Material Blue River Agate. A very distinctive look.
Stone Inlay Material Coral. This is a red that can be on the brownish side. The streakes are a brunt orange in color.
Stone Inlay Material Coral, dark. The actual color is more dark red than the photo. This look purple and this material is NOT purple.
Stone Inlay Material Dalmation.
Fossil Red Bone. Very cool material for dragon skin, or stone walls, that sort of thing.
Stone Inlay Material Granit, black/gray.
Stone Inlay Material Granit, black/white.
Stone Inlay Material Granit, red/ black
Stone Inlay Material Imperial Jade.
Stone Inlay Material Oriental Jade.
Stone Inlay Material Lapis. Very cool. The sample speaks for itself. Bright blue with dark almost black lines.
Stone Inlay Material Lapis (Blue Jean). Great for doing water.
Stone Inlay Material Leapard Stone. Great for doing scales of all types, lizards, snakes, dragons, fish, etc.
Stone Inlay Material Lapis (Demin)
Stone Inlay Material Lapis - Dark.
Stone Inlay Material Typical white mable.
Stone Inlay Material Mable, brown/white.
Stone Inlay Material White Chip Marble.
Stone Inlay Material Malachite. This is a great, and little used color in inlay work. Mainly seen in jewelry, this can really add some great flare to an inlay.
Stone Inlay Material Malichite - Webbed. More green than the photo. Awesome for dragon or snake skin.
Mammoth Tooth - simulated.
Stone Inlay Material Mexican turquiose.
Stone Inlay Material Orange/Yellow Spiney. Sunsets, tigger stripes, etc.
Stone Inlay Material Turquiose, clear. I little bluer than Mexian Turquiose and no graining.
Stone Inlay Material Turquiose, webbed.
Stone Inlay Material Obsidian. The dark area are actually a deep, deep green. Great if you are looking for brown.
Stone Inlay Material Onyx. Pretty much jet black when polished.
Onyx - gold. Hard to tell in the picture, but the vains are gold color. This is a premiemum material.
Onyx - webbed. The vains are bright white, but grayish like it looks in the picture.
Stone Inlay Material Pipestone.
Stone Inlay Material Purple Agate.
Stone Inlay Material Rhodonite. This is true pink. The white streaks you see in the sample do not show up once the stone has been polished. It sort of looks like pink mable, if there was such a thing.
Stone Inlay Material Yellow Gaspaite. Its called "yellow", but its really more of a pea green.
Yellow Jasper. The only true yellow materials I have.

Wood can do used for an inlay material or the background that the shell in inlaid into on t-covers.

Wood Inlay Material African Black Wood.
Stone Inlay Material Bocote. When polished and clear coated, takes on a wondeful gold color.
Stone Inlay Material Cedar, two tone. Is a lot darker when clear coated.
Stone Inlay Material Cocobolo. Orange when raw and reddish brown when clear coated.
Stone Inlay Material Ebony. This is the best wood to inlay shell into. The solid black makes the shell look amazing.
Stone Inlay Material Ebony - Striped. This is also known as Madagascar Ebony. This is an extremely beautiful wood. The actual wood is richer in color than the sample shown here. Darn scanner.
Stone Inlay Material Koa. This is from Hawaii. What an amazing wood this is. Stunning gold and brown color. Clear coating recommended for full color.
Stone Inlay Material Lace Wood. When clear coated, it looks like birds eye rosewood, if there was such a thing.
Stone Inlay Material Maple - Birdseyes. Takes different colors of stain well. Pretty, light colored wood with little character spots.
Stone Inlay Material Maple - Flame (or tiger). Takes colored stain well. There is a vertical strip pattern on this wood that doesn't show in this picture.
Stone Inlay Material Paduk. A nice deep red color. Shown here with a clear coat finish.
Stone Inlay Material Pink Ivory Wood.
Stone Inlay Material Purple heart.
Stone Inlay Material Red heart. Rare and pretty.
Stone Inlay Material Red wood. Normally needs stain to bring out the color.
Stone Inlay Material Rose wood. Looks good raw or clear coated.
Stone Inlay Material Snake wood. Simple put, the prettest wood I sell. Limited availibility. Serious up charge applies. Shown here with a clear coat finish.
Stone Inlay Material Walnut. Become a deep chocolate brown when clear coated.
Stone Inlay Material Yellow cedar. A great speciality wood for inlay material. Cannot be used for t-cover base material. (too thin, the t-cover would break)
Metal Inlay Material Brass. Shines up really well. Almost looks like gold.
Metal Inlay Material Copper
Metal Inlay Material Sterling Silver