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Laser Etching, Plastics, and Airbrushing

We are EXPANDING our offering. You've been asking for it for YEARS and We finally gave in. Shark Inlay is now offering laser etching on wood and two-tone plastics. Also, Cliff finally set up an airbrush painting station so you will start seeing more of that as well. It's exciting times here as SI.

This piece is about 2 feet wide. The sign was laser burned and then airbrush by our own airbrush master, Cliff Suttle.
Airbrush,Sign Art,Lasher Etching,Shark Inlay,Airbrushed,Octopus
Gibson Guitar,Gibson V,Laser Etching,Laser,Laser Trust Roc Cover This is laser etched rosewood that has been airbrushed as well. HOW DOES LASER ETCHING COMPARE TO INLAY? Great question. It's almost like I asked it myself. Inlay is awesome, but over the years we have had to turn away many requests because they were just to detailed to be done with shell and stone. Enter the laser. As you can see, the laser can be quite detailed and with some of Cliff's airbrushing you can have color too. This is a great new offering that until now we haven't offered. Another nice thing about laser work is it is normally cheaper than inlay work.
Laser burned bookmarks for a wedding shower and a book launch.
Table marketing display.
Airbrush,Sign Art,Lasher Etching,Shark Inlay,Airbrushed,Marilyn Suttle,Rim
Wall hanging for litttle girl's room.
Airbrush,Sign Art,Lasher Etching,Shark Inlay,Airbrushed,Meremaid,Wall Hanging
Gibson Guitar,Gibson Les Paul,Laser Etching,Laser,Laser Trust Roc Cover This is laser on rosewood with NO airbrush work (Left) and airbrushed (Right). If you want laser only, you may want a lighter color wood like maple.
This is laser etch work on two-tone plastic ( like Gibson or PRS covers ). Less expensive still, this is a great option for guitar players on a budget. Currently we offer White/Black and Black/Gold. Other color combinations are available by speacial order. More colors will come on-line as time goes on. Laser Etching,Laser,Laser Trust Roc Cover.Two Tone Plastic
And the laser work is starting to pour in. Here is a design requested by Richard Hansen of Indiana. I'm not sure of the meaning of this, but it's a highway crossroads.
Shark Inlay Logo on a leather guitar strap. We are finding more uses for this laser everyday. This look good, but we wanted to see it with some color. Enter the airbursh. Now that's cool
A Mother's Day suprise for a special Mom. Once again this is laser burned and then airburshed. We are doing more and more of this all the time. So much so that we are giving the technique a name Laser-Brush. At least that is what we are calling it around that shop. This piece is about 15 inches wide.
Not too many people know that Cliff is also an Airbrush artist. We have been bugging him to add this to his offerings for years and it's finally starting to happen. No big projects to report yet, but STAY TURNED SI FANS!!!
Airbrushing,Aribrush Skull
Airbrushing,Aribrush Dragon
Airbrushing,Aribrush, Holloween Airbrushing,Aribrush, Holloween