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Custom Inlay Guitar and Banjo Headstocks

Headstocks are more then just for company names. They care be dressed up really nice too.

Custom headstock plate made for an Orange Blossom Guitar.
Bishline Banjo Custom Bird Inlay Headstock Headstock for the brand new Sissortail Banjo for Bishline Banjos.
Minarik Guitar Custom Inlay Headstock Dancing Fairy for Sky Battle Guitar made for Minarik Guitars.
We've been doing tcover doggie tcovers for years. Now it looks like was are branching out into headstocks.
Below is a interesting before and after picture. A client of mine purchased a partially restored Gibson EB3. Well ... maybe restored is not exact word I'd use ... how about partially destroyed. :-) I wasn't really sure what the last guy was trying to do, but yuck. What is up with that Gibson logo? I found some scratches in the shell, so maybe he though he could etch it after the fact. This is why you don't have your inlay work done by just anybody. Anyways ... I retopped the headstock in ebony and then inlaid a nice Gibson logo and a Grateful Dead Steely. I would say that is a marked improvement.
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Minarik Guitar Custom Inlay Headstock
This inlay is simple (compared to most of my stuff), BUT this fretboard was done for "Lemmy" from Motorhead. It was a prototype for a new Signiture guitar beinging inlay for Minarik Guitars. How cool is that.
Simple, but awesome. This is called a Merkaba and is basically four intersecting triangles. It's made with three different types of lapis and clear turquoise. I know it looks like a PRS headstock, but it's a Warmoth. The piece was commissioned by Mark Robertson of Tampa, FL. Mark commented, That looks GREAT! You did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to wait to refinish the headstock and put the guitar back together. I got back from Miami yesterday so go ahead and ship tomorrow. Thanks again (Great job)
Minarik Guitar Custom Inlay Headstock Aztec Warrior on aMinarik Guitars Head Stock.
Fender Guitar Custom Inlay Headstock Inlay for Gecko Guitars on a Strat Style Instrument
Simple but cool.
Warmoth Guitar Custom Inlay Headstock This is a "Roc", which is a greek mythology creature that was said to be the largest thing to ever fly. It wings were so big that when it flew it blodded out the sun. A Roc is part snake, part eagle. This was made for Tyler Dueck of Sumas, WA. "It looks amazing, exceeded my expectations!"
Bishline Banjo Custom Inlay HeadstockBishline Banjo Custom Old Salty Inlay Headstock These were custom designed for Bishline Banjos. The model on the left is called the "Entertainer", the model on the right is "The Salty Dog". Bishline makes great Banjos and can custom make your ideas.
Grateful Dead theme headstock.
Custom Guitar Headstock Inlay This is White and Black Mother of Pearl flames with a silver outline.