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Custom Guitar Fretboard Inlay

Grateful Dead

Inspired Inlays

Beautiful inlay on an instruments fretboard is a time honored tradition. This can take a great instrument and convert it to a masterpiece. Here are a few I have done for customers.

Grateful Dead Guitar Inlay,Blues for Allah Truely one of my favorite pieces ever, this is patterned off of the Blues for Allah album cover.
Grateful Dead Guitar Inlay,Blues for Allah
Fretboard Inlay.Fretboard,Guitar Inlay,Grateful Dead,Rosebud
Fretboard Inlay.Fretboard,Guitar Inlay,Grateful Dead,Rosebud

Grateful Dead,Bertha,Guitar Inlay
Rosebud fretboard.
Fretboard Inlay.Fretboard,Guitar Inlay,Grateful Dead,Dancing BearInlay,Grateful Dead,Dancing Skeliton
The dancing Bear, Skeleton, and Teripins.
Inlay,Grateful Dead,Dancing,teripins
Inlay,Grateful Dead,Crane Not a Grateful Dead design per-sa, but it went on a GD inspired guitar as a control cover.
Inlay,Grateful Dead,Gerry Garcia HandsInlay,Grateful Dead,Gerry Garcia Hands
Gerry's Hands on the crowned heart.