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The Gargoyle Truss Rod Cover

What is a Gargoyle? Good question, hopefully here is a good answer. First appearing at the top of medieval churches throughout Europe, Gargoyles are fearsome creatures that drive away evil spirits and demons. They kept watch over the church and the whole town, coming alive at night to protect the innocent and helpless. So, if after you buy this cover you hear guitar music coming from your closet at night, don't be worried, it's just your Gargoyle working on a Jimi Hendrix tune. If he has time to play guitar, all must be well. Think of it as a rabbit's foot only cooler.

#1of 20 - The Jade Guardian. Cover is made of Oriental and Imperial Jade, Paua, Green Ripple, White Mother of Pearl, and Marble.Sold Last known ower was Rich Augustin from Hamilton, ON Canada. Rich shared this with me, "It looks amazing, even better than in any of the pics. The best part of it is that the colour of the gargoyle's body is a perfect match to my guitar's body, so all this does is make my guitar look even better. Wonderfull. I'd definetly look into buying another one in the future. Great job. "

#2of 20 - The Gold Guardian. Cover is made of Brass, White MOP, Paua, Green Ripple, and Marble on Rosewood.Sold Last known owner was Sylvain Rock of Luxembourg. Sylvain email me this, "I received the Gargoyle No 2 today and I was more than astonnished about your most excellent craftmanship. This is really art. Fixing it to my PRS CU 24 10 top I found that it really is the crown to the beauty of such a guitar. Please find attached a few pics of the guitar as good as it was possible. "

#3 of 20 - Guardian of the Deep. Cover is made of two types of Granit, Turquois, Paua, and Green Ripple on Flamed Maple.Sold Chris Dooley strikes again. This is his 7th cover.

#4 of 20 - Guardian of the Lightning. Cover is made of Sparkle MOP, Sparkle Paua, White and Gold MOP, Green Ripple, Turquois on Figured Walnut.Sold Last known owner was Ken Loper of Gross Pointe Michigan. Yes, this is the same Ken Loper that has made many of the guitars that many of my best inlay has been done on including the Unicorn and the Vine of Death. I run the eBay ad in England and sell it to someone down the street. Go figure.

#5 of 20 - Green Guardian. Cover is made of Paua, White Mother of Pearl and Marble on Ebony. Sold David Nalewajek of West Seneca, NY has scored his first Gargoyle. I say first because David is great a winning bids. This is his ninth "Limited Edition" cover. He now has at least one of every series except "Dragon in the Mist". Dave's the man to beat if you want one of these. Comments from Dave, "The covers arrived today. This was my first gargole. It's incredible! The picture did not do it justice."

#6 of 20 - Flash Guardian. Cover is made of Paua, White Mother of Pearl, Green Standard, Agoya, and Purple Heart Wood on Lace Wood .Sold Last know owner was David Turner of Fontana, CA.

Buyer's choice cover made from Webbed Turquois, Banded Azurite, Paua, Silver, and Mamoth Ivory. Sold

#8 of 25 - The Silver Guardian. Cover is made of Fresh Water Pearl, Silver Fantail, Green Fantail, White Mother of Pearl, Pink Heart, and Flamed Maple on Purple Heart Wood.Sold David Nalewajek Strikes Again! What a collection David has aquired.

#9 of 25 - The Holy Guardian. Cover is made of Silver Fantail, Green Fantail, and Granit on Rosewood.Sold The last known owner was Darren Carter of Kenosha, WI. Darren added, "Cliff, I got my gargoyle TRC today and it absolutly rules! Thank you."

#10 of 25 - The Blazing Guardian. Cover is made of Azurite, Korean Awabi, and Paua on Mexican Turquois.Sold

#11 of 25 - Earth Guardian. Made from Fresh Water Pearl, Paua, White Mother of Pearl, Silver Fantail, Malichite, and Onxy on Oriental Jade. Sold Last known owner was Michael Burgess of StreetsBoro Ohio.

#12 of 25 - Red Mountain Guardian. Made from Paua, Silver Fantain, White Mother of Pearl, and Red Abalone Sparkle on Cocobolo Wood. Sold Last know ower was David Nalewajek of New York. This is his 12th cover giving him the record. At least for the moment :-)

#13 of 25 - Scaly Guardian. Made from Black and White Mother of Pearl, Leopard Jasper, Silver Fantail, and Granit on Lace Wood. Sold Last know owner was Maurice Yingling for Annapolis, MD.

#14 of 25 - Power Guardian. Made from Paua, Korean Awabi, and Mother of Pearl on Ebony. Sold Last known owner was Jorge Rodriguez Gancedo or Spain.

#15 of 25 - Paua, Reb Abalony, White and Gold Mother of Pearl Ebony. Sold Last know owner was Micheal Burgess of Ohio.

#16 of 25 - Paua, Webbed Malichite, White and Gold Mother of Pearl on Ebony. Sold Last know owner was Alex Gombos of Canada.