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Frequently Asked Questions

Truss Rod Cover Questions

* What is the cost of a t-cover?There is not an exact answer to this one. T-covers start at $80 for shell on wood with a normal design. A complicated design can raise the price, so it is good to contact me and ask. Shell on Shell designs start at $150. If you want me to use real gold or silver, that will increase the cost based on market rates at the time. There is also a $5 shipping fee within the U.S. or $10 anywhere else. The average cost of the most common t-covers is $120+shipping.

* How do I order a t-cover?Once again, check with me for a price. After that its easy. Send me a check or you can pay by PayPal. I have many standard tcover patterns including all the PRS, Taylor, Gretsch, and most Gibson designs. If you have an unsual or rare cover, I will need you to send me the cover. I use your t-cover to exactly match the size, shape, and hole placement. I will return your original t-cover to you when I'm done. My normal turn around for a t-covers is two weeks of shop time plus shipping.

Fret Board Questions

* Can I add inlays to my current guitar?Yes, with reservations. Inlaying fret boards that already have frets, presents special problems, namely the frets and current inlays. If your guitar has inlay dots, I may be able to inlay over them. The inlay design has to completely cover the dot on each fret you want inlaid. When the dots are removed, this leave a round hole in your fret board. There is no way to patch this (and make it look good), so the new inlays need to cover the hole. Or, if your tricky, we can use the dots in the design itself. The next problem is the frets. Inlays past the 12th fret (12-24) are very hard to do since I can't get the tools into the small area between the frets. Therefore, your guitar may need to be refretting for a complex design. This adds $250 to the cost.

* How much does a fret board inlay cost?This is like asking how much does a car cost. Do you want a Volkwagen or a Porche? All fret boards are custom quotes. However, just to give you some general ideas; the Pegasus project in the workshop section is $450. The Unicorn fret board (a design only available on Unicorn guitars) is $2000. A first fret inlay is normally $150. The best way is to contact me with your ideas.

Guitar Body Inlay Questions

* Can I inlay my current guitar's body?This presents a difficult problem. The inlay process cuts a hole staight into the wood. The shell is then glued in and sanded flat. The finish around the inlay is normally destoryed and has to be fixed. Normally this mean that the guitar has to be refinish. This can add about $300 or more to the price of the job. This also applies to existing headstocks, although they are easier and cheaper to refinish.

General Inlay Questions

* Where do I get the art work from?Art work can come from a number of different locations. If you have pictures of what you want, this makes things a lot easier. However, I can also draw up original art work for you based on your ideas. I don't create inlay designs for people who are just thinking about or I would spend all my time making drawings. Often, I just might make a rough sketch, just to give the client the idea. If you are finding your own art work, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, inlay can't be shaded. Color cannot fade slowly from red to blue. Designs need to have sharp lines where the color changes. Two, the design needs to fit in the desired location. For instance, fret boards are tall and thin. A very wide design will not fit well on the fret board and will have to be made quite small in order to fit. Three, overly complex designs will really raise the price of your inlay. Many or very small pieces will greatly increase the time it takes to create the design. Four, photoraphs can be turned into inlay, but the result is normally not photo like. A drawing works better than a photograph.