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The making of a masterpiece

From the day I dreamed this up, I knew it would be hard. Getting all those piece to match up as tightly as my customers have come to expect was going to be tough. I almost gave up on the idea. Then, late one night it hit me like a bolt of lightning, DOUBLE INLAY! So here is how this cover was made.

First I cut out all the pieces of the flag. The big piece of Bloody Jasper in the middle will hold all the other pieces. You can see that it has been routed out.

The flag was then glue together and semi finished. Still works pretty rough doesn't it?

After this, a hole had to be cut into a piece of scrap wood in order to hold the flag while a hole for the eagle could be routed over the flag. You can see the finished eagle hole on the flag to the right.

Then, the pieces were cut out to make the eagle. The picture below shows all the piece needed.

The eagle was then clued up, finished, and a few white enamel stars were added to the flag. Here is the finished product.

It really is a beauty, isn't it? It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. The eagle is made up for 19 pieces, but it appears like a lot more. That is because all the red stripes are actually one piece and the blue star field of the flag is only two pieces. Nicest cover I have ever made.