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Dragon Mountain

This series is made from 9 pieces of shell, stone or metal. This series is designed to fit Paul Reed Smith guitars. Both the Custom/Single Cut covers and the Artist covers will be represented in this series.

#1of 20 - Paua, Oriental Jade, Green Ripple and Granit on Ebony. Sold Last know owner is Chris Dooley of Fort Wayne, IN.

#2of 20 - Paua, Brass, Green Ripple and Maple on Ebony. Sold This cover went to Chris Dooley of Fort Wayne, IN again. He also owns Dragon Mountain #1 and Dragon in the Mist #3.

#3of 20 - The Fire Dragon is made of Bloody Jasper, Onxy, Green Ripple and Granit on Paduk wood. Sold Last know owner is Chris Dooley AGAIN! The same guy was the winning bidder of all three of these covers.

#4 of 20 was a buyers choice. The buyer got to choice their materials. This one is Imperial Jade, Paua, Green Ripple, and Bloody Jasper on Ebony.Sold Last known owner was Steven McEvilly of Concord CA. This also owns the "Betsy the Dog" cover and an eagle head cover.

#5 of 20 is a Paua, Green Ripple, Mamoth Ivory, and White Marble on Ebony. Sold Last known owner was Robert Taft of Menominee, Michigan. Rob had these comments to share, "Its beautiful!! So much better looking than the photo. It really adds the finishing touch to my Warmoth jazz guitar. Thanks. I'm so pleased that I'm probably going to bid on one for a custom Jackson I own. Thanks again."

#6 of 20 - The Pearl Dragon. The body is made of White Mother of Pearl with Paua wings and head, an Onxy wing bone and a Granit mountain. This one really changes color with different light angles.Sold Last known owner is David Nalewajek of West Seneca, New York.

#7 of 20 - Dragon of the Woods. The body is made of Palo Escrito wood from Mexico with Paua wings and a Purple Heart wood wing bone. Along with the Granit mountain this dragon sits on Flamed Maple wood.Sold for $177.50 Last known owner was Carl Gregory of Cincinnati, Ohio. Carl added this, "The artwork I won on your auction is wonderful."

#8 of 20 - Dragon of the Pearl Skies. Turquois, Paua, Green Ripple and Onxy on Mother of Pearl.Sold $157.50Last known owner was Mike (last name unknown) from Manteca, CA.

#9 of 20 - Golden Dragon. Gold Mother of Pearl, Paua, and Ebony on Rosewood.Sold for $180.27 Last known owner was David Nalewajek. This is Davids third Limited Edition cover. Dave wrote me this, "Received the Dragon yesterday. It's spectacular! Don't know what else I can say about it."

#10 of 20 - Snow Dragon. White Marble, Paua, and Green Ripple on Turquois.Sold for $127.50 Last know owner was Sean Ratliff of Milledgeville, GA. Sean said this, "A true piece of art for your guitar. Get one now before you have to sell a kidney, or your first-born to be able to afford one. Great work!"

#11 of 20 - Black Dragon. Onyx, Green Ripple, Paua, and Rosewood on Bocote Wood.Sold for 102.50 Last know owner was Jeffrey Kasper of Eastford, CT.

#12 of 20 - Earth Dragon. Malichite, Paua, Azurite, and Green Ripple on Ebony.Sold Last know owner was David Nalewajek of West Seneca, NY. Dave has become quite the collector and now owns five "Limited Edition" covers.

#13 of 20 - Dragon of the Black Pearl. Black and White Mother of Pearl, Brass, and Rosewood on Curly Koa Wood.Sold Last known ower was Niall Murdoch of Hockering, Norfolk in the United Kingdom. Niall had this to say, "WOW, what a piece, as you may have guessed it arrived this morning, was nervous opening it up as i didn't want to be dissapoined!!!...NO CHANCE, it's better than i hoped, beautiful."

#14 of 20 - BUYER CHOICE!!!! You pick the materials.Sold Last know ower was Anthony Wood of West Sussex Engle. He choice a Gold MOP body, Green Ripple wings and head, Bloody Jasper wing bone, and a Black MOP mountain on Ebony.

#15 of 20 - Green Ripple, Paua, White MOP, and Azurite on Rosewood. Sold Last know owner was Daniel Guthrie of Sheridan, OR. This is his second grab for a cover. Dan shared this with me, "The cover arrived today. Absolutely stunning! Your craftsmanship is awesome! Simply AWESOME!!!!"

#16 of 20 - The Shadow Dragon. The mountain is actually brown, but it hard to tell in the picture. This one is all stone. Onxy, Granit, and Obsidian on Marble. Sold Last know owner as Jacques Trudel of Ontario, Canada.

#17 of 20 - The Hollywood Dragon. This cover is made of Sparkle Paua, Sparkle Mother of Pearl, Brass, and Turquios on Figured Walnut. Sold Last known owner was Steve Placotaris of Easton, PA.

#18 of 20 - The Rainbow Dragon. This cover is made of Korean Awabi, White Mother of Pearl, Paua, and Red Marble, and White Agate on Ebony. Sold David Nalewajek of West Seneca, NY has stuck again. He is now the undisputed King of "Limited Edition" cover. Along with the Gargoyle #5 he bought today that brings his total to nine. Dave's comments, "That Korean Awabi is a neat material and looks great on the dragon. The colors are amazing as is the 3-D effect you get. It may be one of the best looking dragons to date."

#19 of 20 - Godzilla. Made from Agoya, Paua, Flame Maple, Gold Mother of Pearl, and Purple Heart Wood on Lace Wood.Sold Last know owner was Camille Coste or Le Perreux sur Marne, France.

THE LAST ONE! Buyer's Choice and nice choice they were too. The cover is made of Gold Mother of Pearl, Paua, Onxy and Granit on Cocobolo wood.Sold Last known owner was Carl Gregory Cincinnati, OH.