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Need a Band Name? Well here are a bunch that I thought up sometime ago. I found this file on my hard drive and thought I would share. HOWEVER, I have not checked to see if any of these names are available. So use them at your own risk. These are supplied free of charge, all I ask is that if you use one of them, tell me so I can take it off the list. Got some more you wouldn't mind sharing with people. Let me know.

Men Without Toast
Sabre’s Edge
Translucent Glider
Looks Can Kill
Emotional Fallout
Electric Lime
Radical Diplomacy
Time Slice
The Cut (or Cut)
Astral Physics
Silent Emotion
Silent Disturbance
Silent Cacophony
Flashes of Brilliance
Flashes of Trilliance
Opposite Crescendo
Dog Years
Keys to the Kingdom
Space Cylinder
Dominate Cylinder
Cylindrical Mind
Cylindrical Magic
Atomic Rage
Atomic Melt Down
Warning Signal
Left Again
Your Other Left
Mis-marked Goods
No Label
Marked Down Goods
It Doesn’t Matter
Star Wars Generation
Stairway to Nowhere
The Key (or just Key)
No Mind Limit
Final Point
“M” Star
You Are Here
Finger Dance
Knight’s Word
Eternal Gaze
Infinite Gaze
Time Lapse
Western Front
Pawn Shop Freaks
Tighter Grip
Get a Grip
Joy Stick
Joy Stick Maniac
Joy Trick
Suddenly Dead Again
Jet Stream
Liquid Mass
Scenic Route
Level Playing Field
Try This
“!” (Exclamation Point)
“?” (Question Mark)
Ridiculous Theory
Ticked Off
Dragon Song
Less Cared About
Homeless Mutt
Serious Problem
Two Bad (or 2 Bad)
Murphy’s Law in Reverse
Stuck up Click
Worm Counters
Peace ParadoxJester’s Luck
Jester is Dead
Launch Velocity
Zero Time
Lightspeed Junky
Last Tick
Too Late Luck
Power Unlimited
G5 (or Gee Five)
Too Many Flags
Brace Yourself
Zero Tolerance
Wave Station Alpha
God’s Plaything
Resistant (Resistance)
American Mutt
Alien at Home
Too Many Bands
Axis Maximis
Little Known Fact
Color Saturated
Left Handed Puppy
Wax Puppy
Dime Store Puppy
Time Wizard
Radioactive Glow
Radio Outlaw
Banned In Most Areas
Beam Me Up Scotty
Missing Wire
Quite Panic
A Lert
Technical Menace
Electrified Menace
Built For Speed
Fifth Gear
Praying Agnostic
Last Minute Faith
Time Keeper
Cronos (Got of Time)
Zodiac Run
Once Bitten
Zip Zero
One string short of a full deck
Too Far Home
Been There
Technically Wrong
Caught in the Middle
Lost Children
Photo Opportunity
Faster Lethergy
This Close To Insanity
Solar Wind Sailer
Solar Cutter
Time, Space, & Everything
Astro Sailer
Damned If You Do (or Don’t)
Five Pack (Six Pack)
Maturity Challenged
Serious Problem
Part of the Problem
Non-Scenic Route
Lords of Nowhere
Music Lords
Castle Minstrels
Electronic Minstrels
Zod’s Court
Musical Clones
Last Horizon
One Hour Later
Heart Hunter
Wasteland Forager
Lock & Load
Piston Ring
No Weak Link
Nightmare Passion
Left of Nowhere
Turn Left at the Dog
Toothless Carnivore
Poll Position
Off Balance
Lace Armor
Hugged you kid today
Milk Carton Kids
Left at the Altar
Hidden Camera
Freak Show Guest
To Many Cook
Blade Tip
Precious Thing
23 Hours a Day
Military Time
Punch Clock Torture
Left Early
Wrong Key
Wrong Chord
Revolution Prefix
Tick, Tick, Tick
Last Four Seconds
4th and 18
Pigs Fly
Blank Business Card
Plaid Pooch
Dish Water Blond
Knife Licker
Mommy Tried to Tell Me
Less Than Nothing
Ping/Pong Effect
Next in Line
Zero to Sixty
Quarter Mile
Ash Fault
Simple Heart
Unmatched Socks
Time of Day
Russian Love
Leaning to the Left (or right)
Power Play (or Player)
Next to Last
Loser in Love
Cut to the Heart
Zero Tolerance
Securely Insane
Bad Juju